Who wants Tuki?

Sometimes it’s very pleasing to find out that your intuition is correct! While finishing my previous post on tribal, I had promised you a post on something Venezuelan and what better occasion one could hope for than the release of a short documentary “Quien quiere tuki?” (Who want’s tuki?) which happened last night Caracas time.

Tuki is a Venezuelan hard house style/movement from el barrio, somewhat reminiscent of kuduro for its raw sound, but totally unrelated, well except that both are fast paced electronic dance music styles. Born in the 90′s and still strong in today’s Venezuela, it is seen as a controversy by Venezuelans themselves, especially the middle class folks, who see it as a kind of poor man’s dance music.

For those outside Venezuela, including myself, tuki was always fascinating and interesting, but the lack of information online didn’t allow us to get to know the genre better. Such release including a soundtrack available for download on soundcloud is an ice breaker, so watch, listen, learn and enjoy.

More info on the project, extras and the soundtrack can be found here: http://www.whowantstuki.com/

Also keep an eye on upcoming tuki releases:

Pocz & Pacheko: Changa Letal (Enchufada 2012) – www.enchufada.com

Jess & Crabbe present: Changa Tuki Classics (Mental Groove 2012) – http://www.mentalgroove.ch/


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