Ophex Weekly #3

Third edition of the weekly series. Pics by Pabadam


We start hard, but the hardness goes deep (that’s what she said). Somebody, hire Rip Knoxx a mastering guy, he’d be big with it!

Angels Deserve to Die by Rip Knoxx

Lao makes weirdly hypnotizing stuff. This one somewhat resembles kwaito, with 3ball guarachero elements.

Lao – Mictlan Battles by lao

Havent heard from Maluca for a while, or it’s just the usual situation where i miss stuff. I think that’s the second generation of pop.

“Lola (Ging Danga)” by Maluca Mala

Two tracks I really liked from Top Billin’s new compilation “World Gone Club 3″

Look Like – Breathless by TOP BILLIN

Second one. There’s a guy named Shitdisco, and now here’s someone much more sublte – Soli(d)disco. Not funny enough for a lol, but quite good, I’d give myself an 8.

Solidisco – How’s It Taste by TOP BILLIN

Thanks DoDo Mundo for this one. That’s bed entertainment music right here son.

Cassie Meandu- Me & U (LoBounce Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD @ AFROMONK.COM by LoBounce

Since there were a lot of minigigs outside in broad daylight, tunes like this saved the day, when trying to come up with some fresh ghettotropical tunes.

A: Go To Church by 12-3 Recordings

Friend Croydon from Earmilk Blog demonstrates what moombahton is all about

Moombah Token- Candyland and Croydon by Croydon

Lithuanian talent Justiciuos seems to be able to do almost everything. This particular one smells like quality mixed with freshness.

Slip Skip Bike Grip by J.usticious

Caribbean juke, heh? Why not! Chrissy Murderbot know’s what he’s doing. Loving the background vocals btw.

Lemonade – Remain in Jah (Chrissy Murderbot Juke RMX) by chrissymurderbot

If you have something to show for the next weekly roundup, hit me up! ophex@clubtropi.com

Pics by Pabadam

Still quiet here.sas

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